What's New: May 24, 2024

New Update Released: Team Search, Custom Sleeve Cuffs & Side Panels, Improved Based Designs

We've just published the latest update for FM Kit Creator, which most notably brings with it the addition of a new team search, powered by SortitoutSI.

The new search helps with finding the right ID for the team you're editing, and ties in nicely with the previously updated Export feature.

On top of that, custom sleeve cuffs and side panels are now also available in the FM Kit Creator, working exactly as you'd expect if you've used the PES or FIFA kit creators before.

Finally, the new update also brings a few smaller updates to base designs.
  • Increased maximum rotation for all base designs to 180 degrees
  • Added "Mirror (center)" option to all base designs
  • Added "Width ratio" setting to Checkers and expanded "Rows" to a maximum of 20
  • Added "Offset", "Count" and "Mode" options to Zig Zag

All of these changes should also land in the PES and FIFA kit creators soon, and we're also planning to add the same settings to Waves that we've added to Zig Zag.