What's New: May 24, 2024

PES to FM Kit Creator Launched

We are happy to announce that we've just launched another cool feature for the site - a converter that lets you easily convert PES / eFootball kits to the FM 21 / 22 format.

It works just like the existing PES 2021 to PES 6 converter that's available on PES Master. It wouldn't have been possible without the fantastic work by @tomwestwood_, who created a Blender converter and was kind enough to allow us to use it as a base here.

Check out the new PES to FM Kit Converter here

How to use

  1. Upload any PES 2021 / eFootball kit texture - all textures are compatible, not just ones created using the PES Master Kit Creator
  2. Click the 'Download' button or the image texture to download the FM texture

Please note that the converter is not perfect and will always created a kit with a crew-neck collar. There are also minor inaccuracies with some parts of the kit. It's possible that there will be updates in the future to fix them and add further features.