What's New: July 19, 2024

Introducing FM Kit Creator

After several weeks of hard work, today we can proudly launch the first-ever kit creator for the Football Manager series.

Check it out now at fmkitcreator.com!

Based on the foundations that drive our PES and FIFA kit creators, the new FM Kit Creator comes with the same interface and features.

What's included?

For the start, we have added 20 FM-specific templates based on different designs from various brands, both from this and last season.

As for graphics and patterns, they are the same ones already available in PES and FIFA, but converted to properly fit the FM kit model.

At the time of writing, there are almost 600 patterns and about 350 graphics available in FM Kit Creator!

And we're planning to add more in the future, especially in the way of templates.


Minikits, or 2D kits, are very important in the FM experience. We have therefore created a generator that will produce detailed minikits in the default style of the game - just click the 'Minikit' button in the bottom right of the 3D or Texture view, right next to the 'Download' button, to download a minikit that you can directly add to the game.

We will continue to improve the minikit generator, and possibly add more styles of minikits as well, in the future.

Proper sleeve graphics

The FM kit model comes with a less than ideal UV mapping (texture layout), which makes it difficult to add seamless graphics to the sleeves.

We've developed a new method from scratch, which aligns patterns and base designs with that mapping. It's not perfect, but it's a lot better than what can be easily achieved in Photoshop or similar software.


Just like with the PES and FIFA versions, a "Showcase" section is also available. Here you can share your kit designs and check out the works of other creators.


To support development, a Plus membership is available - it's the same one already used for PES and FIFA, so if you are already subscribed there you already have full access on the FM side, too.

With Plus, you get additional save slots (100 or 500, depending on the tier, instead of 10) as well as access to exclusive graphics, patterns and templates. With Plus Ultimate you also get 1-week early access to all content.


We'd love to hear your feedback in order to improve the FM Kit Creator experience going forward.

The best ways to reach us are the official email as well as our Twitter.

FM Kit Creator is now available!